The Cult of Molko has been around for a little over a year and is dedicated to linking fans together through its webring.
The new version is more member oriented in hopes to make The Cult of Molko more than just a webring.

People seem to be confused about the ring, thinking that it is fan-site only. In fact, the ring wasn't created for that at all. Initially it was created to link fans together, but now I'm looking for more diversity in pages. There are, however, many fan pages in the ring, some not even PLACEBO. I'm not neccesarily discouraging fan-sites, but just hoping for sites that show the diversities of the fans. These are personal sites, portfolio sites, other ring sites that are more involved like this one, and good design, etc. I've been quite leniant with the design part of this because I don't want to discourage fans from joining. I do want to honor great designed sites with the new award though.

Brief History:
The Cult of Molko origninates from a mailing list at onelist/e-groups called the cultofmolko created and maintained by LadyMolkonatrix, now known as Nocturna. To join this mailing list, send an email to this address: and it will automatically subscribe you.