The CultOfMolko
Well, first of all lets talk about what planted the seed for the birth of The CultOfMolko. It started back in 1996 when a band called PLACEBO released their first self titled album. That album produced such hits as "Nancy Boy" and "36 Degrees." Around the same time, the band got a chance to be in a movie called "Velvet Goldmine." Brian Molko, lead singer/guitarist, had the role of a glam band leader. His androgyny and beauty started catching the attention of PLACEBO fans.

In 1998 PLACEBO released their second album titled Without You I'm Nothing. The first song on the album, "Pure Morning", gained pop attention and attracted even more fans to the band along with confusion about the lead singer Brian Molko. Was it a girl? Was it a boy? Either way, the beauty this creature possessed lured many into the web called PLACEBO.

Moving on... now there became a mailing list devoted to the band placebo. Flooded with members, there was constant conflict about the focus on Brian and not the rest of the band. There were exchanges of insults and members of the Placebo list believed that we should not be able to feel so fondly for Brian. Why can't we love the music and Brian was the question many of us asked, but alas we were constantly shot down.

Now there is a new list. This list is devoted to Brian Molko. This list is the CultOfMolko. Of course we discuss all members of Placebo, but is a refuge for those who need to discuss Brian Molko and what is going on with him at the moment without persecution. We still discuss the music and all elements to it. Basically it is like the Placebo list, but not tainted like its become. There is no constant flaming and we talk about whatever we want.

Now, here's where the ring comes in. I decided to make this web ring to connect everyone in the CultOfMolko mailing list and anyone else who, although a non-cult member, feels the same way towards the wonderful, beautiful, and astounding Brian Molko.
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