November 03, 2002
I just deleted about half the members because their sites no longer existed. Currently there should be no broken links when traveling through the ring. I cannot however guarantee that the sites will have the ring code on them. I haven't even bothered with that yet. This site has laid dormant for some time, but I have added new members as they've applied. I see no reason currently to update the site as it is still current. The members are few now, but it's cleaner. Ta ta.

February 25, 2001
The CultofMolko has kicked yahoo!'s butt and is now a member of Ringsurf. I think I've updated everything and changed the appropriate links so if you see any error's please contact me and let me know. I hope to see all my old ring members in the RingSurf queue soon. I appologise to all of those who had to go through the gruesome yahoo! id integration.

October 20, 2000
The CultofMolko is now fully integrated with Yahoo!. I didn't think I'd bother with it, but I just couldn't let the site go. The fragment links have been changed to conform with yahoo as well as the edit site info page and all the webrings in the webring section. The form as well is linked properly now. I don't know how long the old links will work, so if you've got the time, go ahead and change your fragment links and get yourself a Yahoo!ID if you don't already have one. I would prefer it if new members used the fragments *I* have personally made instead of the ugly Yahoo! navigation bar. Its not creative and ruins what webrings were supposed to be about.
Thanks everyone for continuing to support the CultofMolko!

September 5, 2000
Notice: WebRing has intergrated with yahoo! so I'm assuming all members will need to get a yahoo! ID now. I'm not the happiest about this change, but there's not much I can do. I went to the new site today and couldn't really figure anything out. I didn't see a manage ring link or anything where it said there should be, so I don't know how long it will be before I get Queued sites into the ring and do any editing of it. So far the fragment should still work, but I have a feeling Yahoo! is going to change all the links so I may have to whip out some new fragments or ask you all to change the links on yours. Wish me luck in battling the evil Yahoo! bastards.

Last updated July 9th, 2000.
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